Ethos Environmental

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Ethos Environmental stands as a beacon in the realm of emerging industries and advanced technologies, committed to shaping a future where sustainability is integral. The company serves as a harmonizing conduit between governments, private corporations, and the wider public, forging connections and fostering mutual understanding and collaboration. Ethos Environmental synthesizes and demystify complex entrepreneurial, scientific, and legislative data, facilitating a shared language among industry frontrunners to drive collective progress. Motivated by an unwavering hope and vision for the future, Ethos is dedicated to unleashing potentials and inspiring change towards a balanced and thriving world.

The result is a minimalist yet memorable and modern solution that makes the company stand out. ​​​​​​The typographic logo communicates the company’s expertise and credibility through its bold essence, while green color highlights its sustainability focus. The submark is an abbreviation of the company name with the second E modified. The idea relies in presenting abbreviated letters in a way to correspond to the company’s name length — thus, the short E stands for Ethos, while the long E stands for Environmental visually repeating the word’s length. The identity is followed by a website design and development which conveys the company's vision and tells more about its operations, while also providing visitors with an easy way to get in touch. Site's design is complemented by gentle animations and transitions, enhancing the user experience by providing a smooth and authentic interaction.